Fun photos

I have always been fascinated by, and a little frightened by, storms. The clouds that preceded yesterday's storm were dark and full of texture.

The thunder rolls…

Fun photos

Continuing with the farm theme…I found an old gate being taken over by wildflowers. Messy, old, yet lovely. 

Fun photos

My grandparents’ farm has a number of flower beds with farm decor but I liked the use of the old wheel under a tree. 

Fun photos

I’m a little stuck on farm life at the moment so right now I’m finding the beauty to be found on farms. Today we saw an old tractor being overtaken by wildflowers. 

Late night thoughts

Wisdom from a tea bag…and a good reminder for everyone to never give up. 

Fun photos

The bees kept moving every time I tried to take a picture but I finally managed to get a picture of one on a flower and another en route. 

Fun photos

Swing set in the woods at the tractor pull. I liked the shadows from the surrounding trees. 

Daily Prompt – Savor every moment

via Daily Prompt: Savor

“Savor life’s joys. The real beauty of life is in each precious moment. Stop and smell the roses.” – Unknown

Having the time to be home with my children has been wonderful. They won’t be young forever so we are learning together to savor each moment. Things that I disliked or avoided (such as being on farms or small town life in general), we now try to engage in wholeheartedly. They enjoy helping with the farm chores, feeding animals, loading up the tractor for the tractor pulls, watering plants, catching lightning bugs. They want to be boys, to be children, to play with tractors…new opportunities, new ways to learn, new experiences.

So, why not.

We shall savor each moment in the sun, each moment watching our vegetables grow and picking out weeds that try to take over the garden, each moment listening to the chug-chug of the tractors. Each moment is a new learning opportunity, a new memory to store, a moment to be a child, a moment we won’t get back, a moment to savor.

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” – C.S. Lewis

Savor every moment.

Fun photos

Rolling hills and farmland…our view on the other side of the tractor pull yesterday. Just a beautiful summer day.