Peonies with a trace of yellow

via Daily Prompt: Trace

Look deep inside so that you may find
A trace of yellow hiding behind
Delicate petals so soft and sweet
A trace of beauty in the sun’s heat

There are traces of beauty just waiting to be found if only we truly want to see.

Today we visited my grandparents’ farm. After exploring the barn, tractor, farm equipment and stopping by to say hi to the sheep and goats, we wandered around the house. The boys enjoy picking flowers, dandelions, clovers, anything they can. We always place them in a small vase or cup of water to show off the beautiful pieces of nature they’ve discovered. My grandmother’s peonies were in full bloom. Today, Grandma gave each boy a peony to add to their collection.

Traces of beauty in nature.
Traces of beauty on the farm.
Traces of beauty waiting to be found if only we look through the eyes of a child.

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