Snake Spring Rec Park

The boys love to play outside. Fresh air, riding bikes, playing soccer, golf, or t-ball. Whatever they are doing, they enjoy being outdoors and it’s good for them. To break things up, we have been visiting various playgrounds in the area getting a change of scenery and finding out what is available.

First up, Snake Spring Rec Park…

I remember it as just a couple ball fields, a tennis court, a pavilion, and maybe an old metal swing set.  Times have changed and the entire area has been greatly improved for kids of all ages.

There are a few ball fields with bleachers and new, covered dugouts for softball and baseball teams. The old tennis court is still there and looks unchanged. There is a pavilion with a number of picnic tables.

Then, there is the playground area with a ship and play set with a fort. The architecture of the ship is beautiful. Whoever designed and built it did a great job. The ship design is appealing to kids of all ages. My boys were excited to see it as pirates and sharks are high on their list of pretend play ideas.

Obviously, we had to try out the ship first. The boys loved spinning the ship’s wheel as if they were driving the ship. They wandered around the top deck of the ship, looking out at the surrounding areas. We explored the lower deck as well. We sat on the benches and looked out of each and every window. There is a ladder as well as a sliding pole connecting the decks of the ship. However, my boys did not have the motor skills to do that on their own so we went down the slide from the top deck and walked around to enter the lower deck from the back of the ship.

The appearance of the ship fascinated them but at almost 2 and 4 years old, they were a little small to navigate everything themselves and needed some help. With help going up and down, they still had a great time exploring the various areas of the ship and pretending to be captains of the ship and pirates.

Then, we tried out the play set with the fort, slide, and swings. This was easier for them to explore on their own. Both boys were able to walk up the roped ramp independently and go down the slide. They enjoyed swinging as well. They were too young to understand how to use the rings but they didn’t care. They had fun on everything else.

After trying out each play set, they ran back and forth between the two enjoying themselves. Since school is still in session, we had the entire playground to ourselves which was nice. I’m sure the area is busy in the evenings when ball games are going on.

I wonder when the structure was built because it looks new. There are no scratches, scuffs, chips, or breaks. The colors are still bright and not dulled by sunlight and regular use. From a parent’s safety perspective, the entire structure overall seems safe and sturdy. The wood is thick, heavy, and sturdy so the entire structure seems able to support energetic kids. The slides, swings, and rings are in excellent condition. I like that the chains of the swings are covered with thick plastic tubes to protect children’s hands from being pinched.

My only concern is the gravel surrounding the ship. As kids go down the slide, especially younger kids, if they do not catch themselves and land on their feet, it could hurt to land on gravel. The plastic sheeting is visible under the gravel so I wonder if the structure isn’t fully finished, especially since the swing set with the fort on top has mulch surrounding it. I assume there will be mulch around the ship at some point too.

All-in-all it is a nice playground. The kids had fun and have already asked to go back.

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