Bedford Car Show 2017

Let me preface by stating that I know next to nothing about cars. I can tell you what color they are and how many doors they have. That’s about the extent. Engines, motors, or any other technical car terms are all well over my head.

But, my boys love cars. They have more toy cars than any child could need but happily play with every single one each day. When we are out and about if they see a car, bus, truck, or tractor, they let me know all about it. If it has wheels, they love it.

The Bedford Car Show was rained out last weekend so we made a point of stopping by today. The hours were scheduled from 11-5 which unfortunately covers a chunk of their naptimes so we went as soon as it started. It was 60 degrees and cloudy with a light breeze so it was comfortable to walk around the town square.

There weren’t a lot of people there yet which made it easy for us to wander around slowly. The boys got an eyeful of the cars. They stared at every car we passed. Obviously, we weren’t inspecting the engines or interiors but just gazing at the different types of cars…old cars, old pickup trucks, sports cars, and more. Although they did ask why the cars weren’t racing (because clearly to a 3 year old, that’s the best part of cars), they enjoyed looking at everything.

One car owner was nice enough to give each of the boys matchbox cars which absolutely made their day. More cars to add to the collection. Thank you to Ron Plummer for the gifts (Plum’s 1980 Super Sport).

Thanks Downtown Bedford, Inc.

One thought on “Bedford Car Show 2017

  1. Benford brand of vehicles was produced by Vauxhall Motors. It came into existence in the year 1930. I am glad that your kids love cars so much and have immense knowledge about auto parts. The interior as well as the exterior parts of these cars are breath taking !!
    I hope that car collection of your boys keep on increasing 🙂


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